More than grains of truth here (some toons)…

Some toons courtesy of Mathew T. Making a mockery of the present state of things even more clearly defines how ridiculous it all has become. More to come, I either drew these myself and (or) busted out my mad photo editing skills in paintbrush. Before you go calling me one side or the other, let me again re-enforce the fact that I am against both. I am for the constitution, and therefore against the monstrosity we live under at present- therefore I am neither Republican nor Democrat (there really is no difference beyond the publically fomented division created for the sake of keeping people divided). People are beginning to see clearly now. Climate change is about taxation and control. The war in Afghanistan is more about bringing about the death of the dollar and bringing us under control. We have been infiltrated and conquered from within. The enemies are domestic. See it clearly now?


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