A Hard & In Depth Look: The Middle East Peace Process

After much speculation, postulation, consideration and a beer…it occurred to me that the current middle east peace process is in pretty darn good shape when compared to the old middle east peace process. And by the “old” middle east peace process, I am referring to the one that was originally put in place by the Assyrians. You know? Like the assuredly friendly and enjoyable individuals Sargon II, Sennacherib, Esarhaddon, and Ashurbanipal. You may be saying to yourself, aren’t these the guys famous throughout the ancient world for building a massive empire based on blood, fear, conquest, and the merciless slaughter of their enemies (yup..women, children and all)? And then I would reply to you…yes! So you see, today’s peace process as imposed by the Israelis (a new wall here, a settlement there, maybe a blockade here or there for a little while) is very mild compared to the one administered by the ancestors of the modern day Syrians…that is the Assyrians. The Ass is in there because their (the Syrians) ancestors were a whole lot meaner than they are today. Please find below a detailed depiction of how the old Assyrian middle east peace process stacked up (I don’t think the old Assyrian Kings rated very highly in the human rights department…unless you define human rights as slaughtering an entire city full of women and children after already killing off their husbands in battle…or even not in battle but maybe as the guy was just walking down the road…or getting out of his latrine after taking a dump). Things really sucked back then in a lot of ways….

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