Some Help For Obama’s Approval Rating

Lets face it folks. Obama’s approval rating has gone from a record 70% yea when he took office in 2008 and has since taken a slide down to the same approval rating that the dump I just took got before I flushed it down the toilet a few minutes ago. Obama’s got some serious PR issues to handle if he stands any chance of being re-elected in 2012. I advise that he should consult someone similar…like another quasi despot trying to run a corrupt mafia style government in an established fascist police state. Come on! You know who I’m talking about….Vladimir Putin. All in all, Putin has Obama beaten in every category ranging from corruptness all the way down to oppressiveness and he’s swinging a big time “macho” factor…at least in Russia anyway. Putin’s propaganda people have done stuff that Obama’s uncreative shills could only dream about. Don’t believe me? Observe…


Now this video was of course originally filmed in Russian…but is now translated into English and almost every other friggen language on the planet. See…all Obama needs to do is come up with a trashy cliche techno euro-trance beat and have a couple hotties bust out some “probama” lyrics and he will at least be started down the path to instant popularity again. Of course he’ll have to get the TSA to ruthlessly club his detractors to death…but he’s still got at least some time to get to that point.

And lets face it people…things for Obama could be worse. At least he doesn’t have to deal with the same public approval issues that this guy does (although I’m sure officially, Kim Jong Il’s public approval rating is 100%)

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