More Evidence of the Advanced Culture of the Land of Sumer?

Within the last few years I have become distinctly interested in the period around 4500BC, and earlier- even predating the great flood spoken of in the story of Noah and his Sumerian counterpart Utu-Napishtim. Both Dr. Leonard Woolley (upon his excavations of Ur) and many others have marveled over the seemingly abrupt rise of high Sumerian civilization from out of what appeared to be “nothing”…not even understanding where the “black headed” people originated from. Maybe now we have a clue where…or at least where they may have dwelt in part before the flood?  Even their (the Sumerians) own creation tale as excavated from the library of Ashurbanipal places them in southern Iraq- such as where their “God” Ea/Enki established their oldest settlement at Eridu…then they (the Sumerians) spread out to settle the surrounding lands and establish other cities like that of Ur…of which we hear so much about from Dr Woolley, and Uruk (Erech)…which has produced the legend of the great man of yore… Gilgamesh and his epoch quest to become fully immortal.

I found this article very interesting (published today on Fox News); it seems to imply there could be the remains of an advanced civilization under the Persian Gulf- implying that this civilization could have been the predecessor of the Sumerians. I would conjecture so- or at least…this civilization (under the Persian Gulf) is that of the Sumerians; likely the remains of some towns and cities dating back prior  to the great flood- for all one needs to do is consult the Sumerian King lists as recovered from the library of Ashurbanipal to understand that the “golden age” of the land of Sumer exorbitantly predates the Biblical flood…reaching as far back as to the times when supposedly Enki established Eridu as a base so “those to Earth from heaven came” (the Sumerians’ phrase describing their own “Gods”) could begin mining gold from the Earth even before the creation of man.

To further make things far more interesting, it was only yesterday that I came across this article….describing a 12,000 year old iron-oxide mine which has been found in Northern Chile!!!

So you may well be asking…what is the point of all this? This being partially the inference from the book on which I am now working…but the version of history we are all taught throughout our entire life…even after our formal “schooling”…and it is no longer even schooling…but simply regurgitation of establishment sanctioned curriculum which is devoid of any manner of critical thinking…is dreadfully and purposely misrepresented or downright inaccurate! Evolutionists and other supposedly “enlightened” clowns would have you believe that “humans” as we now exist evolved into our current form 200,000 years ago (as homo-sapiens) from the depths of Africa, and only later migrated to the area we now call the middle-east. And long after this migration was achieved, we still had a long drawn out history of primitive life before becoming advanced enough to learn how to make simple objects, like basic stone or metal tools… hence the “stone age” or the “bronze age” (Sumerian legends place their human like “Gods” upon the Earth hundreds of thousands of years prior to the great flood…and they were already well advanced in high culture and civilization from the start). Yet now we have archeological evidence of advanced settlements and other economic undertakings from around the world existing in times dating back to whence humans should have been, according to the evolutionist’s view, digging about in the dirt eating berries while trying to figure out the design for the wheel, as well as working on the invention of fire, and graduating from wiping poop off from their butts with their hands!!! So in essence, our ancient ancestors were advanced right from the start…not the evolutionary and moronic cave people they are always made out to be.  Oh Darwin…how do you explain that??? Did natural selection not occur evenly I suppose?? But if that was the case…shouldn’t there be evidence of less developed pre-human hominid settlements near or alongside the human ones from such a distant era? But alas, now I remember…even you , oh Darwin, renounced your famous theory prior to your death…though this well documented fact remains elusive within the confines of science class taught in our schools!

So now to the greater point at hand…understanding our human, and the non-human history, of those who inhabited our Earth before the Biblical flood- and who still inhabit the Earth to this day is key to understanding exactly what and why events are occurring as they are today. When you understand this version of history…your world view of people, events, religions, and nations of our present time will be altered so dramatically that you will enjoy a heightened sense of clarity and understanding about what is happening and why it is happening in our modern age. Once you accept the original ancient documents from various cultures at the time at their face value, rather than trying to compare them with a deliberately distorted world view as taught by various self proclaimed intellectuals and the educational establishment today…you can begin to see what the hell is really going on around you!

I’ll close with this thought but might recommend some books if you are interested in beginning to research this…but…this “advanced civilization” that may have settlements under the Persian Gulf is no doubt the flooded remains of various Sumerian towns and cities as established throughout the land of Sumer…or as the Bible tells us “Shinar” (remember the Tower of Babel???-a vain reattempt after the flood by the ruling elite to bring back the wicked glories of an evil civilization wiped out prior to the deluge ???…yes these tales have credence to them…the Bible has more truth than many people know…and it is more literal than many people think too) prior to the great flood.

(Pieter Brueghel the Elder’s depiction of “The Tower of Babel” 1563)

(European Union parliament building, France)

And think about what the Tower or Babel was…and know that the people who know what it was are still here today and are no less fervently trying to regress the rest of us back to the way things were prior to its construction…for in that time and every time since…they have wanted to re-achieve what they had before the flood occurred. And when they do that…it will be the end. Period.

Some books of interest (note: not that I agree with all parts of each one…but they all tell peaces of the story):

The Bible

The Book of Enoch

The Sumerians by Leonard Woolley

The Twelfth Planet by Zechariah Sitchin

The End of Days by Zechariah Sitchin

The Secret History of the World by Mark Booth

Occult America by Mitch Horowitz

The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital by David Ovason

(these being just a start)

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