If You’re Banking on an economic recovery in 2011, you may want to consider this…

These are several screen-shots gleaned from various news sites the night of 12/26/2010. There seems to be a common theme here, as if “the powers that be” may be trying to tell us something. And to find these few examples, it only took about 5 minutes… the theme is very apparent, like they’re shouting it…no economic recovery…yet.


One thought on “If You’re Banking on an economic recovery in 2011, you may want to consider this…”

  1. Economic recovery is an illusion. Consider constant UNDERemployement, completely unnecessary DUPLICITY (vaunted free-market competition that wastes billions on advertizing and duplication of product/service) social stratification and technological unemployement that is not being replaced by anything. The current establishment is an old, dilapidated house on stilts, in my oppinion. Each law is a new stilt, added in a futile attempt to prevent the inevitable collapse. The functionality of the government is better measured not by its laws but by their absence. You may argue with that, but consider this – when people buy newspapers, is there a REAL, meaning enforced law that prohibits you from taking 30 of them? Because who needs 30 newspapers, despite the fact that printed news is a billion dollar industry – you dont need lobbyists to push for a live guard for those stands. People don’t always do something just because they can. You won’t push your grandmother infront of a moving train just because you are able to do so. The question is not whether they can, but why would anyone want to? And the problem is the current wasteful system of the establishment that undermines all values such as REAL quality, safety and humanity. It in turn enforces planned absolecense, reckless inconsideration of human beings and astronimical stratification and hoarding of resources. And we all know that on some level, we can all feel the psychosis of the corporate thinking and what it bodes for the future. Much like that, no bailouts and government aid, not to mention – new laws will ever fix the problem. This collapse is NECESSARRY in order to create a better system, a complete and utter collapse of the current establishment is needed. In the time of the forefathers that built this country on the values that had made it great, people lived, prospered and multiplied and it is amazing to me how most people would trade an ipod for the future of this planet. (considering that giving-up modern technology is not even required in a transition) By getting rid of bill gates’ and donald trumps, by getting rid of advertizing, duplicity and the stock-market system, technological unemployement and planned absolescence, we will not be suddenly plunged into the dark ages. Actually, the only people who will not at first benefit are about %2 of the human race, of which most of us are not. Let’s stop polishing brass on Titanic and help protect a system designed to work for the select few. Let’s change the way we were trained to think by a VERY small bunch of greedy, heartless old men and make something new, starting with our minds. You have to realize what really matters. Like playing Monopoly as in life, no matter how many stocks you own, no matter how many certificates of ownership have your name on them, how many people you out-do in the fortune’s war and factories you acqwire, in the end – it all goes back into the BOX. Every little accomplishment and all the capital – back in the box, including our own bodies. We all go back in the box, whether it was all worth it or not. What is really important then?

    Hope this tangent at least made a small dent – which is all it’s really about at this stage.

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