The Mystery Schools Running the Show?

Along with the Christian revivalist movement of the late 1800’s and through the early part of the twentieth century, the occult and mystery schools within the United States and Europe experienced somewhat of a popularization of their own…influencing such high ranking officials as FDR’s vice president Henry A. Wallace…the man largely responsible for adding the pyramid capped by the masonic eye of the architect of the universe to the US dollar bill. Roosevelt, himself a mason, always knew Wallace was a mystic but appointed him to the post of VP with this knowledge at hand. It is an ignorant thought to conceive that the President’s before Obama have governed based on Christian principals and a much more informed opinion to understand they have governed based upon largely hidden principals. Though those principals are not hidden to those who take the time to understand… but it can hit hard to one who doesn’t (like 99% of the public) that the elite of the world share a common “religion” and this “religion” is accepting of all religions on Earth as long as those other religions take guidance from the spirits of the 2nd heaven (which Christianity and Judaism do not). So it is no wonder why the establishment is so opposed to the Christian and the Jewish way…although the same establishment that runs the show has subscribed to the same “religion” since the time of the Kings of Sumer and Babylon and later Egypt (which is why Masonry traces its roots back to Egypt) and God always pulled a major upset to their plans. There are so many rumblings regarding the globalist plot to destroy America from within, and though there is no doubt this exists (as even Washington and Jefferson and Andrew Jackson and many others wrote about it even from the nation’s beginnings), just as in the early twentieth century as the teachings of the occult and mystery schools began to become accepted widely throughout American society, so did popularized Christianity. I’m thinking an upset against the establishment could be closing in due to the swift rise in popularity of the alternative media across the net… and they know it… let us see how they react. My guess is by promoting division, fear, ridicule, and in fighting…. seems as though this is how they always react.

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