Occupy Wall Street

The establishment seeks to coop the “occupy Wall St>” movement toward the left just as they sought to affiliate the “Tea Party” movement towards the right. The Tea Partiers were said to be right wing extremists and racists while the Occupy Wall Street crowd is said to be socialists and “dirty hippies”. The establishment is afraid, and so day after day, as the movement grows, they send out their attack dogs. Every day this week, Sean Hannity among others has been berating members of the protest in an undauntingly humiliating fashion.

Truth be told, the Occupy Wall Street crowd and the Tea Party have more in common with each other than they would have not in common. If they unite, they will pose a serious threat to the establishment’s hold on power, but the establishment media never tires of lying and distorting truth- bending facts, or out-rightly making their own.

Thomas Jefferson said that banks and the corporations that grow up around them are more dangerous than standing armies, and that if they were allowed to gain control, we would wake up homeless on the continent that our forefathers fought to conquer. And he was right.

The establishment of the private Federal Reserve was illegal, and the implementation of the income tax too was unconstitutional and was never officially ratified as a constitutional amendment. Tax protestors who have fought the system and ended up in court on the issue have repeatedly won, the the federal government is restless in its efforts to harass them. The scam works like this. This is the easiest way to understand the scam:

You and I are forced to pay income taxes and social security. The money in turn enters the coffers of the US Treasury once we pay our taxes. The US Treasury lends our money at low interest to the privately held Federal Reserve (a cabal of the leading global bankers). The Federal Reserve then lends our money to banks all around the world at even higher interest- who in then lend our own money back to us at yet higher rates of interest. So we are taxed first on our income and then on anything we seek to finance plus on inflation because when the lending breaks down… the system must remain fluid to sustain itself- so more money is printed- which makes it less valuable.

The founding fathers specifically entrusted our own house of representatives with the power of setting interest rates and printing money because they knew all too well of the dangers of the global banking elite. They fought a war to repel them. In every great American conflict both internally or abroad, the central enemy has been in the global banking cartel… financing one side or the other. Read real history. Turn off the TV.

God bless the Occupy Wall Street movement and what it is truly about- Ending the Federal reserve, ending the pointless wars, cutting down an intrusive government, and reigning in the out of control renegade mafia banking establishment that has bought off both parties and most of our elected officials.


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