Back Door Amnesty

By: Gray Turner

Photo source: Breitbart TV

There are 23,000,000+ legal US citizens out of work.  Your President Obama (H.O.),
at his discretion used deferred action, to extend a 2 year amnesty to 1,000,000+
young illegals.  H.O. ignored the US Immigration laws and Congress.  These selected
illegals can legally compete for nonexistent jobs, scholarships, and citizen’s benefits.
Their qualifying documentation can easily be forged.  The illegals already cost a
total of $338,300,000,000 annually.  This $338 billion could be used to stimulate the
US economy for the legal citizens.  The US already wastes trillion of dollars in the
world by funding our enemies and so called allies. Watch your back.

If you don’t understand H.O.’s back door corruption, please do not vote in the November election.  $338 billion
is too fleeting to be wasted on illegals.  By the way, my Dad was a naturalized citizen, and the
system worked and he worked.  Do you or someone you know need a job?   If so call H.O.
It has been over 3 1/2 years, exactly when do we start blaming Obama?

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