By: Mathew Turner

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I watched portions of the Republican National Convention this week; namely the speeches delivered by Ann Romney (and she did an admirable job), Mitch McConnell, Chris Christi, Rand Paul, and Clint Eastwood (my clear favorite).

I also watched the tribute video celebrating Ron Paul and his achievements over the years. I read the news articles online about how the Romney camp attempted to shortchange Dr. Paul out of his delegates on the convention floor (Source:; RNC Disenfranchises Paul Delegates; Rigs Rules to Nominate Romney ).

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I listened to establishment pundits on Fox News and PBS critique and evaluate the political actors’ performances. I mused over some articles in the news exposing how MSNBC purposely chose not to cover minority speakers at the convention so they could brand the Republican Party as an “all white” organization (Source:; Did MSNBC Intentionally Cut Out Minority Speakers From Its RNC Coverage to Make Republicans Look Racist? ) 

and…how there were more police present at the convention than protestors (source: Tampa Bay Online; Heavy security at RNC gets credit, draws complaints )


Photo Source:; Jim Reed, TBO Staff

and… how the TSA managed to harass Ron Paul and his wife (source:; TSA Harasses Ron Paul and His Wife in Florida ).

I recall Chris Christi’s speech as being themed on earning respect all the while other speeches were focused on themes like “turning the country around” and even some mentioning “hope”… though personally I think the word hope was overused in 2008 and still hasn’t recovered from its “wornoutness”, and the idea of gaining respect seems pretty empty when its not backed by specific actions.

I guess at the end of it all, I kind of felt like a deflated balloon…. just drained and empty. There weren’t really any specifics mentioned by any of the speakers. How will you carry out these great plans of turning the country around? What will you do and in what order? Where are the answers… the very specific answers Mr. Romney? I’m not against you… but I’m not for you either because I have no reason to be for you.

All I know about you, Mr. Romney, is that you are not Barack Obama, and though that is one distinct advantage on your resume, I know so little else about your specific plans that its hard for me to trust you.

However, I do observe actions. I noticed how Ron Paul was not allowed to speak and how during every turn of his campaign, both the main stream media and establishment Republicans plotted against him. They simply fear Ron Paul. Paul’s followers are young and numerous. And, most importantly of all, they, like Dr. Paul, believe in liberty, limited government, and the constitution.

That means they oppose things like the NDAA, Patriot Act, the dogma of continuous war, the TSA, and many other illegal Federal power grabs that the Republican establishment elites take pride in foisting upon the abused American public. Mr. Romney himself sees the TSA as necessary and makes no mention of the organization on his website. He further fails to stand against the NDAA. Conversely, during one of the primary debates, he came out in favor of it!

So all in all, what real change can we expect in regards to the return to limited government and supremacy of our constitution when you support legislation and organizations, Mr. Romney, that directly contradict and limit or abolish our God given freedoms- those which our founding fathers recognized we have?

If we elect you, Mr. Romney, will we simply be swapping one “empty suit”, “Manchurian candidate” globalist for another?

What I saw through my eyes was a dull convention stuck on the same old establishment principles and the same old catch phrases that it has always been stuck on. And what’s worse, it was a dull establishment convention that purposely suppressed the up and coming “young buck” republicans who tend to take a more libertarian perspective on things and who gravitate towards Dr. Paul.

So until the Republican Party aligns itself with the constitutional principles set forth by our founders and embraces its young up and coming members, it is simply doomed to an existence of stagnation and death.

If Mitt Romney wins this election, it won’t be because he was so inspirational that he wooed a nation into his arms. In this case, it would simply have been a referendum on Barack Obama, just as the election of Obama himself was nothing more than a referendum on George W. Bush.

The reality remains that both parties have been sold out to globalist interests that seek to squeeze the American people out of any amount of wealth they have left and to subjugate us by keeping us poor and systematically removing our freedoms away from us one by one.

I truly believe the future of the Republican Party and the nation lies, for the most part, in the young people… those who will in the end rise up against this tyranny and re-establish freedom as it was supposed to be.

We saw this prior to the convention when we watched Ron Paul. The man filled university stadiums and attracted far larger crowds than the other candidates. And the establishment first tried ridicule, and then they just blacked him out. But nonetheless, the people still flocked in droves to see him and, more importantly, to hear his words… which are the words of freedom. These are words that both the establishment Republican and Democratic Parties dread.

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