Debates Without Substance

Mathew Turner- The Santa Fe World Review

Remember this guy?

Despite all the rancor and ruckus raised between the candidates during the most recent presidential debate, I still can’t shake this feeling that it’s all much ado about nothing. The candidates touched on a broad range of topics, but in truth, aside from a select few social issues, they do not significantly differ from each other.

In this case, the elite have presented the voters with two safe choices… both will complete the preplanned agenda regardless, just in somewhat different ways stylistically.

Both candidates spent a fair amount of time huffing and puffing about income tax deductions, but both failed to mention the income tax is illegal (it was never properly ratified into the constitution). Neither suggested the more progressive and socially fair idea of replacing it altogether with a national sales tax, where the wealthiest are taxed the most- based on their consumption, and the poorest among us would pay the least… again… based on their consumption.

Neither candidate spoke about the NDAA, Patriot Act, Cyber Security Bill, or limiting the TSA.

Neither candidate spoke out against the tax payer funded bailouts of Wall Street. Conversely, in reference to “saving” Detroit, they spoke out in favor of them. When we reference the definition of fascism, we realize that fascism is the marriage of government and business. The bailouts were examples of some of the most fascist policies in history.

One questioner during the town hall asked both candidates why things in his life were getting more expensive. The candidates again alluded to tax reform and other fluff, but the reality has to do with inflation being created by the Federal Reserve now printing money on an unprecedented scale to flood into our market, thereby devaluing our dollar and creating inflation.

In short, both candidates differ very little on their policies. The truth speakers (like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson) have been railroaded from the very beginning.

And on foreign policy? Both candidates want to maintain an empire and eventually take us to war against Iran. No one mentioned not getting involved in Syria… the debate instead touched on why we haven’t become more involved in that geopolitical mess more quickly.

Referencing the current major party candidates we have to choose from in this election, I’m tempted to recall that old Eddie Murphy movie where he launches a political campaign to urge people to vote for “none of the above.”




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