The Not so great foreign policy debate

Mathew Turner, Santa Fe World Review

Both Romney and Obama want to continue escalating involvement in Syria… and expand this involvement toward Iran. We have thus far seen changes in regimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, and soon to come, Syria, Iran… and where will it end… Saudi Arabia?

We’ve seen at least somewhat secular regimes replaced with Al-Qaeda surrogates in Egypt, Libya, and soon to be Syria. Why is NATO arming Al-Qaeda in Syria? No wonder American soldiers by and large want “none of the above” for president. For them, Ron Paul was the clear choice.

But now, there is only one choice. I’ll watch Monday night’s foreign policy debate but I surely won’t hold my breath… I’ll be expecting a popularity contest where the winner will be decided by how well he articulates a policy shockingly similar to that of his opponent.

And with a more “involved” foreign policy comes a larger and more robust police state at home… necessary, of course, to protect us against numberless international threats who simply, as the establishment repeats over and over again, simply hate us because of our “free” way of life. I’m sure hating us because of our involvement in their own national affairs has nothing to do with it… of course.

Where o’ where are the calls for non-involvement in what will inevitably end up in a third world war?

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