Welcome to Amerika!

Mathew Turner, Santa Fe World Review

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The 2012 presidential election will be noted in the annals of history as the point when America ceased to exist under its long standing ideals of hard work, innovation, and “the sky is the limit” mentality. The power and importance of the individual has now been diminished. The reward for excellence has been withdrawn. The new America values mediocrity. It will be a society in which the dullest and most lackluster among us will be entitled to the same rewards as the most creative and diligent. There shall be no incentive for excellence, but rather, the most successful among us will be tasked with the burden of forcibly carrying the least successful along the road. The state will become the chief warden of all of the citizenry; allocating resources where-ever and to whom-ever its deems fit.

This is an absolute 180 degree turn from the values previously espoused by our society, Obama surely has brought change to America. On this day, the United States as I knew it vanished and became like a foreign land. The shining city on the hill has lost its glimmer.

We once cared for our loved ones and friends and neighbors because we wanted to… from our hearts. This nobility will in part be replaced by the cold hand of the state; which cares for no one intimately. The state merely cares to continue and empower its own existence; and as history has shown, it will do this at absolutely any expense it feels is necessary.

Welcome to Amerika!

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