Something Isn’t Right

Mathew Turner

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I want to explore some ideas in a different way. Any of us could look at any of the main stream media websites for the latest sanitized version of whatever it is the establishment wants us to be distracted by at the moment. But I am willing to assert that, as a nation, deep down in our collective gut, we all know that something isn’t right. Many of us might be busy working or dealing with “life”, and so all the peaces of whatever isn’t right aren’t immediately apparent, but still, the feeling is there. Since we are instinctual creatures on some level, it would be wise to heed that strange feeling and examine it… without the pre-formed opinions written by the establishment media… placed into our heads via TV or talk radio by some self-centered contriving talking head.

Something isn’t right. Immediately following a presidential election marred by numerous cases of alleged voter fraud, we learn the Gen. David Petraeus has decided to resign after an extramarital affair becomes public. But upon further examination of this, we learn that the FBI had been illegally reading the general’s private emails prior to this entire situation becoming public… almost as if the executive branch of the US government wanted something to hold over the general’s head in order to keep him in line. What would be “inline”? Perhaps a favorable testimony towards the administration’s viewpoint regarding the situation in Benghazi? But concerning Benghazi, we learn through the general’s testimony that references to terrorism being the cause of the attack were removed from his talking points. Why? What do we not yet know? Benghazi in itself is a large enough catastrophe to raise suspicion and make one wonder what actually goes on behind the closed doors of this administration… but Benghazi is the least of our concerns at the moment.

Immediately following the President’s reelection, we learn that Boeing has committed to scale down to its 2010 management levels (effectively cutting 30% of its management positions) and close several of its facilities in order to undertake major cost cutting measures. Boeing is by no means alone, as other retailers and restauranteurs have announced similar intentions (i.e. the Denny’s Obamacare surcharge or the announcements from Applebees and Papa John’s Pizza that employee hours will be cut and employees will be laid off). Interestingly, despite increased employer costs to cope with new regulations, Walmart workers have announced intentions to stage a mass walkout on black Friday and thousands of LAX workers have announced plans to walkout on Thanksgiving eve. Hostess has announced this week that they will liquidate their company and lay off 18,000 employees. Additionally, not even referring yet to the mounting turmoil in the middle east or repercussions from Super Storm Sandy… the stock market has steadily fallen this week without even one day of positive corrections. The wealthiest among us are liquidating assets and (or) purchasing gold, and the Yuan is setting record highs against the dollar. Germany has so little confidence in our financial credibility at the moment that they have actually demanded to see their gold stored at the Federal Reserve Bank in order to verify that it is actually there!

But economic issues aside, we can look at how quickly our government folds in times of crisis by simply referencing what happened after Super Storm Sandy. It has become evident that FEMA hasn’t improved since Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans.

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Volunteers feed FEMA workers. Photo Source.

After numerous reports of looting in storm ravaged areas and stories reporting people defecating in New York apartment buildings and neighborhoods buried in mountains of uncollected trash, it becomes apparent how thin the veil of civilization truly has become. Sure, one could make the argument that the United States is the most technologically advanced nation on Earth… but are we little more than high-tech barbarians? The later is the greater question. Are neighbors willing to help one another in a time of crisis… or are they there simply to use that time of crisis as a tool in order to take advantage of the weakest among us?

It also strikes me as peculiar that immediately after the Presidential election, the Gaza/ Israel conflict escalated once again. It’s almost as if radical Islamic groups like Hamas took Obama’s re-election as a cue that they have a free reign to do whatever it is they need to do… and the US will not deal harshly with them. It is my belief that the situation in the middle east will not simmer down. It will continue to escalate until a regional and possibly world war breaks out.

And what toll do all of these recent events take on the citizens of these “United” States? We have seen the largest resurgence of the secessionist movement since the 1850’s! This desire to secede is neither partisan nor foolish or immature, as has been alleged by the “lame stream” media outlets. Rather, this movement, which has already amassed over 660,000 signatures, is a grass-roots materialization of frustration among the citizenry of this nation. One only needs to reference the electoral map of the last four Presidential elections to note the extent to which the nation is divided.

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Incidentally, while we’re on the subjects of secession and world conflict, I’d like to interject a few alternative ideas here. On August 15th, 1871, the famed Freemason and Confederate General, and highest ranking commander of the KKK, Albert Pike, wrote a letter to his friend and cohort intricately detailing the first, second, and third World Wars. How he had this knowledge will not be discussed here. But I have no doubt he did have this knowledge in 1871. If you would like to know how he had this knowledge, I will suggest to you to read my book, which explains how and why the elite know and do things in some detail. Additionally, it is said, and recorded in the Library of Congress, that on one night during his cold winter stay at Valley Forge, George Washington was shown a vision detailing the three great trials that would afflict the United States. The third was the most destructive, and it has not occurred, but it may be soon approaching. Finally, the famed psychic or prophet or mystery man, Edgar Cayce, predicted that a third world war would begin in the summer of 2011. The Bible also sites a future conflict involving all nations currently at odds in the middle east. It describes this conflict in great detail.

Whatever your opinion on the people and texts mentioned above, I wanted to mention them here because the above sources were not aware of each other… in other words, they did not collaborate together in order to form similar visions or warnings. But, they all independently warn of some calamity to unfold in the “near future” time period.

Therefore, taking into account what the people and texts mentioned above have said along with the daily news and information recently coming to light around the world… I reassert that… something isn’t right here.





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