The Revolution Begins From Within


To keep your compass trained in the right direction in these times seems like a tall order more often than not. Its as if chaos seems to be accelerating exponentially all around us. Even those of us formally ignorant of global developments will soon have to come to terms with changes that will effect our way of life, whether those changes be the continuous loss of liberties, increase in prices across the board, or decline in the quality of healthcare… Obama was right… change has come to America.

The question then comes to mind; something that I have been considering for a long time now; what can we do to reverse or improve the quality of life in America?… How can we improve the quality of life both materialistically and socially?

The answer ultimately lies within each one of us individually, and the founders understood this. This is why individual liberty and free will must always trump the state run society. We must out-rightly reject the state run society in its entirety by discontinuing to stand aside while “it” commences with its own implementation. How do we do this? The answer begins from within.

Withdraw yourself from reality TV and programming in general that feeds you entertainment without you having to take an effort to think about what is being placed into your mind. Television verses books is a good example of two opposites in this situation. TV inundates you with information without prompting you to question a thing. Books cause you to consider and actively think about what you are reading… reading is a more active form of information intake.

Refuse to be pushed around by the TSA or to submit to illegally established authority. A disagreement with the TSA in August, 2012 prompted my wife and I to enter into a verbal exchange with TSA agents and resulted in me having to contact my senator in order to attempt to right the wrong carried out by over zealous TSA agents, but was worth the extra effort made to attempt to correct the situation.

Exercise critical thinking skills and lucid judgement regularly. Train your mind to become sharp and to question the actions of others and then compare those actions against absolutes to make a determination whether a situation is right or wrong. If it is wrong, carry out action against it.

Train yourself to have a fit and healthy body. Disengage from genetically altered food as much as possible. Cleanse your system from pollutants that might adversely effect your body and consequently, adversely effect the functioning of your mind. A healthy body helps to establish a sharp mind. The two are linked.

And the most important of all, establish a link between your spirit and God. The grace of God is your foundation. Guidance from God is the light by which you can see your way. Try the best you can to keep God’s laws and commandments. This is hard and I am one who fails at this pretty regularly, but keep trying to become better at it. Most of all, try to treat people with love and respect (I know this is challenging sometimes… but it is very important). The better you are to others, the better God will be towards you.

I know this post is brief and the suggestions herein are succinct to say the least… but they are simply a starting point. I do not claim to be “illuminated” or the guy who knows everything. I only claim to be a guy on the same journey that you are who has spent a little time in consideration of ways that can make 2013 a year that will be better than all those previous to it. Good luck to all of you on that journey and please wish me the same!

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