Mexico’s 2nd Scam

By Gray Turner

Photo Source

The Times recently reported that Mexico’s new president Pena Nieto has a new
goal(scam).  Former Mexican president Calderon’s first priority (scam) was
an all-out war on the drug cartels.  This war was a complete failure  costing
thousands of lives, billions of US dollars, and a still porous border.
Billions of US dollars continue to be wasted in this toilet.  Pena Nieto
knowing that this toilet money will not be cut off, announced that he will
concentrate on public safety, an effort doomed for failure and funded
by the always concerned US government.  So Pena is not concerned and will not act
against drug trafficking. Does anyone in the USA actually believe that any of
the USA toilet and public safety money will end-up in uncorrupt hands and pockets
in Mexico and the USA? Dream on.  Be aware that many Mexican drug farms and
planations are now in the USA!  Please arm yourself.  Hey, maybe Texas should
secede from the USA, and then apply for billions of free US dollars. This action
could save and make money for all of us. This on going USA world wide welfare
system works for all,  even USA enemies,  and they collect billions.

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