Rally Point Syria


By: Mathew Turner

The Nobel Peace Prize recipient Barack H Obama has successfully prolonged the conflict in Afghanistan, kept American soldiers in Iraq, and now seeks to trigger a potentially large scale regional conflict in Syria… involving the lives of yet more American servicemen and women. One has to wonder what criteria the Nobel Peace Price commission uses in determining who should receive the formerly esteemed and now out-rightly discredited award?

This week alone, Obama and his fellow globalist henchman John Kerry were busted on a few different fronts. The dynamic duo first alleged that the chemical attack in Syria was proliferated by Bashar Al Assad & company… citing “indisputable” evidence of the situation… then this was followed by a bunch more rhetoric, the movement of military assets into place, and Obama with his itchy finger on the trigger…. finally followed by the alternative media and international community forcing him to back off. He then stated that he would ask congress for support but that he could still call a strike against Syria if congress refuses to pledge support. The whole drama is so absurd that it has one asking…. who is the barbaric third world dictator here… Assad or Obama?

As if developments couldn’t become more bizarre, they did. It was reported that the chemical attack photo John Kerry was using to gain support for a strike against Syria (which he alleged to be from the Syria attack) actually was taken at an earlier time in Iraq! It was also reported that a British company was cleared to export nerve gas to Syria prior to the incident and that the Syrian rebels (Al-Qaeda funded by US intelligence assets) claimed responsibility for the attack. Furthermore, pictures of the attack were uploaded to the internet prior to the attack taking place. So what is really going on here? It remains apparent, though Assad certainly has skeletons in his closet, that the true war criminal here is Barack H Obama, John Kerry, and those other globalist “banksters” that are all too eager to begin WWIII…. motivated by the desire to restart the global economy and line their pockets with new wealth generated by another world war while gaining more control over the American populace by taking more of our freedoms in the interest of keeping us safe from yet more evil “boogeymen” from the middle-east.

And is there support for this initiative? Absolutely not… the American people are 91% opposed to this action, as are the majority of military personnel which have over the course of the last several days become increasingly active on social network sites making their disdain for this measure completely clear.

If this action against Syria goes forward and balloons into a regional war (which it likely will), it will be an historical event… singularly unpopular with the American people and very likely serving as the major rallying point of all American people opposed to the globalist Obama regime and its continued efforts to subjugate and destroy the Republic of the United States.

Obama Bush Clinton & Company= all the same globalist minions working against the once free Republic of the United States. Wake up or lose everything… or go back to watching Miley Cyrus twerk on TV.

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