This post will verge on the side of the fantastic and crazy for some. For me, its as obvious as the sun rising in the morning and setting at night. The only reason I’m prompted to write it now comes after a few days of subtle hints; first being as a followup to a conversation I was having with some friends over happy hour and secondly as a followup to a video I saw this morning and as it would happen… a followup to the service at church which was somewhat about the same topic (the time of Noah).

Why did God flood the Earth to destroy humanity during the time of Noah? In short, the human race had genetically been corrupted beyond repair. Fallen angels interbred with humanity and created the Nephilim among other creatures. The inhabitants of the Earth followed these fallen angels willingly. Who do you think were the Gods of old? Zeus, Ishtar, Poseidon, Hermes etc… I cover all this in detail in my book; The Fallen Ones.

The surprise for many is this: the Gods of old are not of old. They are of now! The people who really run the world follow their teachings and practice their religion. The mystery schools of ancient times never went away, they have simply remained hidden. What is done in secret is more dangerous than what is done in the open because its more difficult to be aware of your enemy if you don’t know he’s coming for you… or even worse… if you believe that your enemy is your friend.

And this leads us to our present time. Economic collapse, the destruction of the environment, the degradation of the educational system and the deterioration of our culture are all purposefully driven initiatives to bring about a new order. And the new order will be run by those who ran the old order during the time of Noah.

Current headlines are filled with trans-humanist fantasy, leaps and bounds in genetics, cloning, and even ideas (as envisioned by Google) of uploading a person’s “soul” into a computer to attain immortality. When Jesus was asked when the end would come, he said at the end, the world would look as it was in the time of Noah. There you have it… does it look that way now? Does it look similar to what has been described to us through the book of Genesis? We’re passing by those mile markers on the highway of time. I believe that 2014 will be an absolutely formative year.

In 2014, everything that has been put in place during prior years to carry out a huge deception and power grab on behalf of the government will be used against us. The establishment will pull out all the stops. This year will herald in tough times for the people of the United States, it will be a year of assertiveness from China and Russia. Europe will sink further into collapse.

Its not all bad news. In 2014, the people who are meant to wake up, those who have good in them, will wake up and cement themselves against what is going on.

In short, 2014 is the year when long simmering issues come to a head and the process of resolution will begin. The United States will not look the same afterwards.

Just by reading through a lot of news, data, and other sources, I see a geopolitical conflict with China on the horizon this year, a major market correction in the United States (charts from prior to the major 1929 market crash and the interval from 2008 until today are almost identical when over-layed), and the solidification of a Russian and Chinese alliance against us. I see the establishment within the United States opening up a whole new level of lawlessness and overt corruption. This will help drive the final nail into the already fragile economy. As a reaction, the liberty forces within the United States will gain a lot more strength this year.


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