Kick the Can to Destruction

By: Gray Turner 03/05/2014

Can you identify the cans of destruction?
1.  Defense Secretary Hagel has ordered a US military reduction to help revive
the US failing economy.  The new force levels will be below the level before WWII.
This will provide a “hollow military force” for the USA.  Instead, save by eliminating
our grants/gifts to our current and future foes.
2.  Open US borders encourages the undocumented invasion.  Now 12 million plus of this
scab keeps growing, costing the taxpayers $113 billion ($29 billion federal, $84 billion
state and local) annually.  Amnesty  has never worked.
3.  The US government has failed and wasted billions of dollars in fighting the drug infestation
in all areas of the USA.  Booze was legalized, controlled and taxed.  The booze runners were forced
out of business.  Drugs should be legalized, controlled and taxed.
4.  Hillary’s failures as Secretary of State including the murders of a US ambassador and
3 other US citizens in Benghazi, puts Hillary in the bloody traitor class with Jane Fonda.
5.  The US indebtedness of over $17 Trillion will never be paid, but will be inherited by all
future Americans.
6.  Escalating US government entitlement giveaways (redistribution of your money) continues
to grow and destroy America.  A hand up is always apropriate, but a hand out solves nothing.


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