Novel Painkiller Approved That Fights Opioid Addiction

By Mathew Turner at the Inquisitr 07/24/2014

The FDA approved Targiniq ER to help combat the nation's rising opioid painkiller addiction problem.

In a new measure aimed at fighting the nation’s increase in opiate painkiller addiction and overdoses, the Food and Drug Administration has approved an opiate pain killer that doubles as a drug that eliminates the effects of the opiate (oxycodone) on which it is based. Sounds strange, but if the pill is ingested orally and in tact, the oxycodone will work as it should. If the pill is crushed for injection or snorting, the drug’s other active ingredient, naloxone, will eliminate the effects of the oxycodone on the user. Read more at the Inquisitr.

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