By Gray Turner


The USA has been under attack 28 years + costing Texas tax
payers $677 million and federal tax payers $339 billion annually.
The invaders have no respect for the USA laws, therefore they should
receive no respect.  Some invaders may be good people, but they are
still criminals.  In this barrel of invaders are armed, diseased,
uneducated, drug users, murderers, thieves, terrorists, and anchor
parents.  In the USA there is an anchor baby born every 93 seconds.
They all request asylum in the welfare country on the hill labeled
the USA. When they are sent back to Mexico, from whence they came,
they sneak back into the USA across our unprotected borders, and
murder again.  The US government can keep track of millions of cows
coming in to the USA, and where last milked and eaten! The USA government
does not have a clue as to the status and location of the 12 million +
invaders. Yes, we eat the cows, but we feed the invaders and they are
permanently subsidized! How come?  Simple, our US government only sees
an advantage of potentially cheap labor and votes.  The criminal invaders
should be registered, await justice and not be rewarded.  If they don’t
register and get in line, they should be deported.  We could save the USA
billions of dollars by completely protecting our borders.  The USA does
have an immigration system, but it must be enforced. Freedom is not free.
God bless America.

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