Spark a Fire

Mathew Turner


Within the last few weeks, China has devalued its currency, thereby ramping up the incentive for other nations to complete their own transactions and especially to make purcheses in RMB of Chinese goods. Simultaneously, the Chinese have opened and are opening RMB trading hubs throughout Europe, as if to send a big middle finger to the western establishment while offering an incentive to nations and investors as to another option wide open for financing their debts. Moreover, China continues to dump dollars to round out its power play. If China is the economic powerhouse behind the Russo-Chinese alliance, than Russia is doing its part to antagonize the western elite by moving more of its forces into Syria. The western mantra of “Assad must go” isn’t going to happen as long as Mr. Putin has Mr. Assad’s back. This is all interesting enough on its own, but add a mass artificially created immigration crisis from the middle east into Europe just prior to the Pope making his address before the United Nations next week and what do you get? Aside from the Western elites’ continued plugs to destabilize formerly stable middle-eastern nations, you get a great backdrop for the Pope to make the call to introduce world government. Order out of chaos. Marxism, unity, control. As the first world becomes the third world, the new immigrant residents will eat this stuff up and blindly follow the establishment calls for new world order. The existing residents, feeling threatened, will welcome the establishment’s guarantee of order.

Back in 2008, the world financial crisis served to consolidate the banking system and world financial structure in favor of the elites. It caused there to become less little players and resulted in fewer but larger big boys on the block. Now its time to do away with more currencies, maybe even the US dollar?

Fears of September and October may be nothing new in the financial world, but what is worthy of note is the definition of at least two competing parties on the world stage. The western elite verses the Brics. Both sides can play with fire more and more, but like WWI, it only takes a spark to burn down the house. And burning down the house isn’t unheard of, especially when the western elite typically finance the debt to build the new one!

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