Orange Theory fitness really works!

I know it works because I’m the guy in the picture. I moved back to Santa Fe in February after spending almost two years in Jacksonville, Fl. I loved Jax… maybe too much. You can tell from the picture on the left that I had plenty of beer, chicken wings, shrimps, grits with cheese, fried chickens, you name it. I indulged mightily. I worked hard and played hard but that’s not great for one’s health. I also got high BP, and when I got to high altitude Santa Fe and got up on the mountain for some skiing, I quickly realized how out of shape I had become. Throw varied work hours into the mix and finding time for fitness took a back seat to finding time for sleeping. 

But then Orange Theory fitness came to town with varied 1 hour class times and varied workouts led by coaches with much more Knowledge about getting fit than me. I joined and was pleasantly surprised by the class size, positive environment, and daily changes to the workouts. No two days are ever the same and I keep coming back week after week. It’s a mix of free weights, rowing, and interval training on tread mills with body weight resistance exercises thrown in as well. You wear a heart rate monitor and download an app to your phone or iPad that lets you keep track of… you. You can see your trends and while in class, see your own standings in relation to everyone else. There are also studio challenges in which you can compete. 

All in all, I am convinced the results are worth the work and would encourage anyone here in town looking to get in shape to give the team at Orange Theory a try.

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