Globalist fascists and leftist followers begin media censorship campaign

Twitter Suspends WND For Linking Donna Brazile to Seth Rich Case

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Fox News has fallen from first to third after a tumultuous last few months. We’ve seen Fox leadership plagued by claims of sexual harassment, the removal of TV personality Bill O’Reilly, the death of Roger Ailes, and now the unprecedented assault against Fox host Sean Hannity because of his coverage of the circumstances behind the murder of Seth Rich. Additionally, WND has had its Twitter account suspended for similarly covering the story. You don’t cover content that endangers the party right?

Wrong, here are two stories that touch only the tip of the iceberg.

WND Twitter account suspended for linking Donna Brazille to Seth Rich murder

USAA pulls Hannity ads and faces veteran initiated boycott



Another blow to globalism as climate change schemers can’t convince Trump

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Zero Hedge reports that Angela Merkel is furious with President Trump after his refusal during last week’s G7 summit to commit to the Paris Agreement. The Chancellor can no longer count on a united front given Brexit and the Trump presidency. How times are changing! Read the full story here.

Consider further that adherence to the Paris climate deal would kill 6 million American jobs. Abstention from this agreement is another brick in the road for “America first.”

An Eye for an Eye

In a disturbing turn of events, a 30 year old Ferguson, MO resident justified the looting and burning down of a gas station as an acceptable response to the police shooting of a black teenager this weekend. Riots and civil disturbances continue to ensue. See the whole story at Infowars.

Obama, Hillary: No Love Lost

President Obama had some harsh words today for Hillary Clinton and other lawmakers who have repeatedly urged the president to arm Syrian rebels. Mr. Obama today called Mrs. Clinton’s comments suggesting he arm Syrian rebels “horse sh*t.” ‘Nuff said, see the full story here.

Contract Talks Come To A Standstill

Nurses and techs at Christus Saint Vincent Regional Medical Center took to the picket line today at the corner of Saint Michaels and Hospital Drive as talks on an ongoing contract dispute came to a halt. See the full story in the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Fort Bliss is Ready to Confront Changing Times

So says Major General Twitty. Despite US Army personnel facing pay cuts, downsizing, and a reduction of force across the board, the new commanding general at Fort Bliss says the post will remain an integral part of the Army’s future despite large scale changes currently adversely impacting the US military.  See The El Paso Times for more.