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Federal Power Grab

  ISIS threat to be used to justify the repression of the American people and continued expansion of the police state here at home. U.S. government knows no bounds. Advertisements

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      The tiny house movement is booming in the Obama-economy. See more in The Daily Mail.

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Seed Nazis

Feds Shut Down Seed Library in Pennsylvania citing concerns about “agri-terrorism.”

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High Times… and Signatures

Citizens in Albuquerque attempting to add a measure decreasing penalties for marijuana possession were broadsided with bad news from the city of Albuquerque when they were informed they need to obtain more signatures than they were originally told in order … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain High: Legal Pot Blamed For Increase in Denver Homeless

By Mathew Turner at The Inquisitr 07/28/2014 In somewhat of a strange turn of events, perhaps reminiscent of John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath,” Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana use has led to a migration of young people, many of … Continue reading

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Deport or Reward

By Gray Turner 07/08/2014 If you break a US law you should be punished as a criminal and not rewarded. The thousands of illegal children invading/ crossing the US/Mexican border are trained to announce that they are not from Mexico, … Continue reading

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Similarities Between 1861 and 2012

The year 1861 marked the beginning of the US Civil War. History text books tell us that the war was fought primarily over the issue of slavery; but this viewpoint is an overt oversimplification of the issue. Though slavery was … Continue reading

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