Popular Rejection


The best of times and the worst of times right? Election 2016 holds a lot of potential promise. The potential only exists because people are angry enough with the establishment to begin rejecting it. Bernie on the left and Donald on the right. Yet what a demonstration this has all been in showing how much the oligarchy controls everything! In my mind, the ideas of Republican and Democrat are pretty meaningless because they’re both just words thrown around by globalists. In the end, you’ve got globalist choice Hillary or globalist choice Marco. It’s a grand puppet show.

Does Bernie really stand a chance? Does Donald? Maybe, but both face an orchestrated attack against them. You don’t run against the establishment. You run for the office of President if you ARE the establishment. This should be obvious to every member of the American electorate by this point. But here are a couple positive thoughts. Earlier this week, Democrat rising star Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) resigned as vice chair of the Democratic National Committee to throw her support behind Sanders. Gabbard, as a US combat veteran, specifically takes issue with Hillary’s reckless willingness to use the US military in countless conflicts around the globe. Additionally, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions threw his support behind Trump, stoking speculation that Sessions could be a possibility for a Trump VP pick and giving Trump a conservative ally in the US senate. Both moves show brave individuals on either side of the political aisle who are willing to support non-establishment candidates. If that fire can catch some gasoline, we all stand a chance of purging our nation of the parasite globalists.

Until then, China, the Pope, and the former President of Mexico, as well as the world’s most famous drug cartel boss are all telling you not to vote for Trump. The Democratic party has been a little more low key about jacking Sanders around… Hill just took all his delegates away and threw some real lucky coins around. But hey, its all on the up and up… don’t question her; the Justice Department sure doesn’t lol.




An Eye for an Eye

In a disturbing turn of events, a 30 year old Ferguson, MO resident justified the looting and burning down of a gas station as an acceptable response to the police shooting of a black teenager this weekend. Riots and civil disturbances continue to ensue. See the whole story at Infowars.

Contract Talks Come To A Standstill

Nurses and techs at Christus Saint Vincent Regional Medical Center took to the picket line today at the corner of Saint Michaels and Hospital Drive as talks on an ongoing contract dispute came to a halt. See the full story in the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Israel’s Iron Dome

Israel’s Iron Dome

By Gray Turner 08/05/2014

Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system.

Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.


The Iron Dome is Israel’s defense solution to Hamas’ rocket attacks (3600 + to date)
on targeted Israeli civilians, not military, populated areas.  The Dome’s effectiveness
is between 75% and 95%.  Hamas always fires from civilian areas using its civilians
as shields, and stores its rockets in schools and hospitals.  Without the dome,
Israel would have thousands of civilians killed without warning. When Israel counter
fires it announces to the Hamas’s civilian shields with a ten minute lead time to evacuate.
The US media only criticizes Israel for the collateral damage from their counter fire,
but not Hamas for its rockets and resulting deaths and injuries. Remember, Hamas started
this war, and announced to the world that it will destroy Israel and the USA.
Hamas has rejected or violated every cease fire and peace proposal.  The USA grants
millions of US dollars for humanitarian purposes to the authorities in the Gaza
Strip, but Hamas either steals or is given this money for more rockets and to
dig more tunnels. The US  wasted contributions to the UN system are $6.34 billion +
annually without any support for the US or Israel in UN decisions. The UN now
demands that Israel share its Dome technology with Hamas. This is stupid and
ridiculous. The USA should continue to support Israel in every way, severely
reduce funding to the UN, and in the near future move the UN Headquarters out of the USA.

Look around the world, the UN funded by the USA, supports dictators and terrorists.