The Caravan Invasion

By Gray Turner 10/31/2018

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This invasion of the USA can become violent and deadly.  Most of us
know that it is political, and you can for just a few dollars get
anyone from Honduras and other parts of that world to go anywhere.
What do they bring: disease, filth, crime, trash and infection, ignorance,
and of course their want of welfare, can change your and your family’s
lives and futures.  If an armed enemy was attacking our USA borders,
we would respond and destroy that enemy.  What they are bringing will
last much longer than the sting of a few bullets.  So we must stop and
if  necessary destroy this enemy  and any future mob.  The world must understand
that we will stand strong and defend.  There is a legal way to enter
the USA, and that is the only way. If there is blood to be spilled let
it be their blood.  It’s their choice. This is the real world.  Texas and
the USA will not retreat.