Another blow to globalism as climate change schemers can’t convince Trump

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Zero Hedge reports that Angela Merkel is furious with President Trump after his refusal during last week’s G7 summit to commit to the Paris Agreement. The Chancellor can no longer count on a united front given Brexit and the Trump presidency. How times are changing! Read the full story here.

Consider further that adherence to the Paris climate deal would kill 6 million American jobs. Abstention from this agreement is another brick in the road for “America first.”


Sky High

Residents of Rio Rancho and Albuquerque pay some of the highest property taxes in New Mexico. Over the last ten years, property tax rates in the two cities have ballooned upwards. Surprisingly, cities like Santa Fe, where one might expect to see high tax rates, have some of the lowest property tax rates in this state. See the full story in the Rio Rancho Observer.