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The time has come for new adventure in a new world. The old world is gone forever. Find yourself on Elenia Prime, upgraded to MC release 1.12.2 and all new upgraded mods. More features, more planets to explore… just wait until you see this! And best of all, the server is much easier to join. All the files you need are accessed from the link below.

Download Files Here

  1. click on the link and download the forge 1.12.2 file. Install forge and switch your MC profile to that forge version.
  2. Put all of the other files in your game’s mods folder.

That’s it! You’re ready to play!!!



biblio craft

custom NPC’s


galacticraft planets

industrial craft 2 experimental

twilight forest

lootable bodies


nuclear craft

davincis vessels

immersive railroading




Your World awaits!

***The big 2018 update and this is no joke!!!!. I’ve added the following mods in the most comprehensive update in recent memory; Bibliocraft, Carpenters Blocks, Computer Craft, and Decocraft. Its all simple to install. Just follow this link and drop the files in the folder into your game’s mod folder. The server has also been set to hard mode and the memory has been upgraded again.

***Major Update on 11/30/2017. The memory has been updated; increased to support additional players. Beyond that, the world renders further distances, performance is much smoother, and the all around game experience just got even better! No action needed on your part other than to enjoy!

***Major Update on 11/19/2017. Ahoy! Set sail on the high seas in whatever type of ship you want to create. I’m proud to announce the addition of the MC Ships Mod for Version 1.7.10 has been added to our wonderful world! You will need to update your mods folder to join the server and its really simple. Just follow this link and place the .jar file into your Minecraft Mods folder. Its that simple. Please view this video to learn how to use the MC Ships mod.

***Major Update on 07/28/2016. I have added Flans Mods featuring the simple parts, modern weapons, and WWII contents packs. Planes, machine guns, tanks, and weapons of unparalleled destruction await your command. See below for instructions on how to install the new update.

***Major update on 06/25/2016. I have added the Custom NPC’s mod. This addition will add an infinitude of depth to game play on the server and fundamentally change the way the game is played. Installation is easy, just follow this link and place the file in your mods folder. If you are just joining the server, please follow the instructions below. You can view more info (including the Custom NPC’s mod video) about the Custom NPC’s mod by scrolling down and following the link to the mod info page. I highly recommend the video.

How do I join the server?

To join the server, follow these steps:

Step 1. Follow this link and place all files into your game’s Mods folder.

Step 2. Follow this link and place all files into the your game’s Mods folder.

Step 3. Follow this link and place the Flans mod 1.7.10.jar file into your game’s mods folder. Next, close your game folders and close Minecraft. Now, restart Minecraft, hit play when the launcher starts up, and go all the way to the game’s title screen. Now, close Minecraft. Next, open the MC launcher and go to the game directory and open the Mods folder. You will see a new folder that was created called “Flan”. Place the other three files (simple parts, WWII, and modern weapons) from the link above into the Flan folder.

Lastly, go up a directory level so you are in your minecraft game files folder. Create a new folder called Flan. Go into this new Flan folder and place the modern weapons pack, WWII pack, simple parts pack, and flans mod 1.7.10 files into this folder.

Close the folders.

Step 4. Add the MC Ships mod to your game’s mods folder. Follow this link and place the .jar file into the Mods folder in your Minecraft game directory.

Step 5.Follow this link and place the files into your the game’s mods folder.

Step 6. Create a directory tree like the one in the image below in your game’s Mods folder.


Step 7. Be sure to run version 1.7.10 and set your profile to forge this link to install MC Forge. Now you’re ready!

Resource Packs:

Modern Craft HD (Awsesome), this is my favorite.

Join the Server Chat & Voice Comm (Discord)

Click here to join the discord channel


Flans Mod: Learn more. Go to the bottom of the page from the link to view more details on the content packs including videos about their features.

Computer Craft Learn More

Deco Craft Learn More

Biblio Craft Learn More

Carpenters Blocks Learn More

MC Ships Mod: Learn More.

Custom NPC’s:  Learn more.


Industrialcraft 2


Applied Energistics

Twilight Forest

Railcraft: watch the video to learn more. Railcraft 101.

Furniture Mod

Voxel Maps

lootable bodies


Snapshots from the server:

nuke power

I am a safety conscious guy :-). This is the Hercules IV nuclear power facility at Turner City. It puts out 320 EU/ Tick safely and efficiently. Took 3 weeks to build.

turner city

Aerial view of Turner City.