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Elenia Prime:

The time has come for new adventure in a new world. The old world is gone forever. Find yourself on Elenia Prime, upgraded to MC release 1.12.2 and all new upgraded mods. More features, more planets to explore… just wait until you see this! And best of all, the server is much easier to join. All the files you need are accessed from the link below.

New Players Start Here

Download Files Here

  1. click on the link and download the forge 1.12.2 file. Install forge and switch your MC profile to that forge version.
  2. Put all of the other files in your game’s mods folder.

Existing players start here: Update to server on 7/31/2018. For current players follow these instructions to update your game:

  1. Follow this link and place both files into your game’s mods folder.
  2. Delete the Immersive railroading file from your game’s mods folder.

Improving game performance: If you’re game is choppy or takes forever to load, or glitches, you may need to allocate more memory to MC. This is easy. Download this file and select the most appropriate java argument for your computer. Copy and paste the java argument into your launcher.

That’s it! You’re ready to play!!!

Enjoying Elenia Prime? Please vote for us and drop your feedback:

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Server page on TopG



biblio craft

custom NPC’s


galacticraft planets

galacticraft extra planets

industrial craft 2 experimental

twilight forest

lootable bodies


nuclear craft

davincis vessels