Reinhardt Speaks

Reinhardt? This is the man that identified various boom and bust cycles recurring over the last 6,000 years of human history (from 4004BC) and accurately predicted the economic collapse of 2008 essentially to the day; which has garnered him substantial fame and a loyal internet following; with good reason.

You  can learn more at his website:

Some points that come to mind after viewing this interview:

How much of the “War on Terror” is driven by patriotism, and how much of it has to do with constructing trade routes in foreign nations by using cheap military labor?

Clearly the globalists have hijacked patriotism and use it as a springboard to build support for their global economic development operations. Its nothing new. As Reinhardt has identified, they’ve done this again and again for 6,000 years now. And how can it be possible to run this scheme continuously for 6,000 years?

For the answer to that question, I recommend reading my book “The Fallen Ones”.