Politicians, Pollice State, and Mo’ Money

And he says it with a smile...

A while ago I attended a Veterans day commemoration in Rio Rancho in which a plethora of the New Mexican who’s who of politics attended in order to shake hands, kiss babies, and otherwise resort to stumping the campaign trail prior to our recent elections. I remember seeing Adam Kokesh ever present but relatively unknown getting out to meet the crowd while bigger names like Diane Denish, Doug Turner, and someone from Martin Heinrich’s office were busy doing the same. Though Kokesh wasn’t allowed to speak to the crowd via the microphone set up under the gazebo like the bigger names were able to do, I distinctly remember the message from our duly elected democrats as essentially beating the same drum; that is “the best way you can honor our fallen vets is to forgo your obligation to directly participate in our democracy and simply go about your day to day life and trust that we’re doing what needs to be done in your best interest.” This has been paraphrased of course, but never have I felt so soured by a political speech to have gotten up in the middle of one to leave…especially considering it was supposed to have been a Veterans Day observance. My consolation is that I am certain if any of our fallen veterans were resurrected just for the purpose of attending that ceremony, they too would have walked out soured by a mixture of feelings not least to include disappointment and disgust. The crowd simply remained quiet…sucking down their water bottles in the early afternoon heat.

Since then of course the elections have occurred and I need not rehash the outcome as we all know, but it was more recently revealed that Governor Richardson left a bigger stinky than everyone thought he did…a budget shortfall of half a billion dollars rather than only a quarter billion. Basically it resulted in a collective middle finger to the people of New Mexico from the outgoing “guv” and friends…much like the same middle finger the outgoing lame duck session of congress is collectively throwing at the American people for voting them out.

The elections are over and the TSA begins grabbing peoples breasts and balls all the while Homeland Security has somehow found the power to arbitrarily shut down private websites without obtaining a court order and the beat goes on. We know now that the TSA is moving to expand their child molestation checkpoints to trains and highways next in the ultimate insult to the people of this nation. They always claim it is of course to keep us safe…as they grab your “junk” and maybe give it a little tug or a massage…just realize that they are doing so for your own good. Meanwhile, anyone and their brother can charter a private plane and forgo the TSA’s enhanced pat down. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize these new practices have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with submission…training you to submit to the government. Here is the new American globalist infiltrated government to the people whom they are supposed to serve but in reality are working to enslave: “F*ck you American people…you either go along with the program and like it or you’ll get more terrorist attacks, more war, and more police state whether you want it or not!”

So we have a power grab by the TSA acting under the orders of the Obama administration on two fronts (internet censorship and airport security) transpiring simultaneously along with the escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula…which by the way has absolutely nothing to do with leadership succession in North Korea and everything to do with a developing currency war between the USA and China. Do you really think the Chinese are thrilled about the Federal Reserve’s QE2 continuation of “monetary easing”…the full scale printing and devaluation of our currency when they have been our primary financier; and now their investments will become much more worthless through the necessary consequence of inflation? Who really launched the missile off the California coast a couple weeks ago? Yes? You got it…China!

China is not happy about what is going on…just last week they and Russia announced they are quitting the dollar in their bi-national relationship. To Obama’s credit…if he can manage to provoke a war between the Koreas…he might actually save the dollar if only by a fear based run out of Asian currencies and into the greenback.

Its hard to say what will happen next. I guess whether or not there is war depends on how highly Obama and friends want to revalue the dollar and how badly China and friends want to move away from it.

Meanwhile, the police state goes on trying to f*ck you up at home.