Deport or Reward

By Gray Turner 07/08/2014

If you break a US law you should be punished as a criminal
and not rewarded. The thousands of illegal children invading/
crossing the US/Mexican border are trained to announce that
they are not from Mexico, but from some South American country.
How can this be verified?  With or without documents it can’t
be verified.  The US law requires that undocumented children
from Mexico can immediately be deported, but not so, if for example,
they are from Honduras.  Those children not from Mexico
must have a deportion hearing in a legal system already overloaded
and almost nonfunctional.  President Obama now wants $3.7 billion
to throw at this problem which he helped create starting in Jan.2014.
He recently announced that this border crisis must be solved
within the law. He does not want to secure our border, but to
reward the undocumeted. Obama chooses which if any other laws he
will follow and enforce.  Either immediately change the law or ignore
it and take action or both, because you have proven that this is
your demonstrated method of operation. Millions of US dolars have been
wasted on this swarming, and now to spend $3.7 billion more without
a secure border would be a crime.  The immediate solutions are
to close the border, cut off all US funding to the countries involved
until this invasion is stopped including Mexico, and move these
criminals all back to Mexico from whence they came.   Let Mexico
at their cost send them home wherever that is. We must stop this
spread of criminals, and diseases (TB, scabbies and other deadly