White House Turns Red; Stained By American Blood

By:  Gray Turner , combat US Army veteran

Our White House should now be called the Blood House, and the blood never dries, it just keeps flowing.  Many US citizens have been murdered in just to name a few scandals (cover ups): Fast & Furious, Benghazi (Hillary’s), Ft. Hood massacre, VA system deaths and bonuses, and now Sgt. Bergdahl.  His combat buddies all report that he deserted his combat post, and his unit in an attempt to locate him resulted in US soldiers being killed.  Hey, Ist Sgt tell me why your PFC combat deserter was promoted to Sgt during his 5 years living with the Taliban?
The President ordered that this honorable deserter be exchanged for 5 Guantanamo high level, murdering, terrorists detainees (the dream team)!  Obama does not apologize or take any responsibility for this dealing with the enemy or without any involvement with Congress, as is required by law. The President’s puppets: Hagel, Gen. Dunford, Susan Rice, Reed, and a handful of others, all stated that this combat deserter was a brave  and honorable soldier.  All of this scandalous blood now covers the former White House, and it can’t be lied off!
Now it is the Blood House. The USA lost again and the Taliban won again.
Dealing/swapping with terrorists is a bloody, slippery slope, and now more
US blood will soon flow because of it.  It will really be costly and bloody
when a US combat female soldier is actually captured by terrorists.
Can you say Impeachment and Court Martial?