The Fallen Ones

Published on 05/17/2012 and available for download (click the title image to download in PDF format):

Gain a clear understanding of who really runs the world and the true objectives of those who wield power on both the political and religious stage. Consider the people in power are governed by the same religion that has been in place since before Babylon and remains in place to this day under different incarnations on its facade. This book is a quick read packed with bold ideas and a version of history interpreted literally from ancient texts rather than one preoccupied with sanitizing those texts to our preconceived and often ignorant notions of history we thought we knew. Download “The Fallen Ones” and begin your voyage of gaining a clearer understanding about your world and reality today.

You will need the newest version of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader to view the file. It will open in a separate window in your browser in PDF format.


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