Among the slew of not so inspiring information out this week and last week, we have a continuing Fukushima disaster, record springtime tornadoes, floods, and wildfires across the center and south of the nation, an economy that by all accounts is in regression to pre-recovery status, and a national government that is essentially gridlocked and unable to deal with any of it.

Watching the mainstream news would contradict all of my above statements as the corporate media continues to carry the official drum beat of upward progress…though market indicators would clearly prove otherwise. Oil is now solidly above $113.00 per barrel, job growth is minimal as a recent ADP report states that employers did not even add 200,000 jobs to the economy in April, inflation has increased the cost of food (especially coffee which is at a 14 year high), mortgage interest rates are in decline as the residential real estate market has again softened losing 3 basis points last week alone, and this week an independent rating agency stated that the United State’s credit rating should in reality be classified as a “C”, all the while additional information has been released that 1 in 7 people are receiving food stamps! Yet the corporate media each day sites how much progress we are making. Is it no wonder that their daily viewership has decreased to laughable levels? Bye bye Katie Couric…time for another liar to replace you!

On the heals of dismal approval numbers and under pressure from “the Donald”, Obama finally released the long contested long form birth certificate last week, but its release only raises more questions than it answers as several obvious anomalies were noted on the document, most prominently the name of the hospital printed on the certificate itself did not exist until after Obama’s birth! And given this factor and those listed above, Obama’s chances for re-election continue to deteriorate, is it any wonder that our great leader has chosen this specific time to disclose to the nation that HE has killed Osama Bin Laden? But wait! Intelligence insider Dr. Steve Piezcenik among others (including heads of state) assert that Osama actually died in 2001 as he has long been a sufferer of the genetic disorder Marfan Syndrome. Add to these revelations that Osama was immediately buried at sea and the US Government has been continually changing its story coupled with the fact that the government will NOT release the photos proving that they captured Osama and the results are some serious doubts as to what, if anything, actually occurred regarding the “capture of Osama Bin Laden.” For myself and others, red flags abound within this scenario including the fact that the corporate media has asserted multiple times that anyone doubting the official story is a conspiracy theorist and should not be taken seriously. When the media takes on a group like the “birthers” or Tea Partiers head on, it means that the establishment is wary of that group, and therefore talking points must be issued and that group must be kicked around until they cannot be taken seriously.

What the establishment fails to realize is that with the record decline of television viewership and exponential growth of alternative media sources, their lies and deceptions are not as full proof as they used to be; hence the introduction of net neutrality legislation among other tools to attempt to keep the lid on the truth.

If not immediately, Obama and his cohorts in both political parties will be revealed as the greatest liars and deceivers that ever “served” the people. They have amassed so many coverups and lies that the bear is about to break loose from under the rug.

Why are fuel prices high and why is food so expensive? Because the dollar is losing its value since Obama and company have been increasing the debt, decreasing revenue, and printing more dollars to keep pace! The rest of the world is laughing at us, China is divesting, and the magician, Obama, would have you believe as he stated last week, that it is because those evil speculators are playing around in the commodities markets! Its all smoke and mirrors!

In due time, the truth will be revealed and there will be a lot of unhappy citizens for Mr. O to contend with when that occurs.

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