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It is clear President Trump won re-election Tuesday, November 3, and even more clear the Democrats tried to steal the election during the dark of the night. Chaos has ensued, and will continue until President Trump is finally declared the winner, per the Constitution…one way or another. Democrat panic set in late Tuesday night as their criminal clown show to steal the election: had not worked, so in key Democrat controlled states, they paused the vote count to determine just how many votes they needed to manufacture to overcome Trump’s leads, and then at precisely 4:00am, the fake Biden votes began streaming in to vote counting locations. There is now an ever growing avalanche of video evidence, whistleblower accounts, and other proof continues to mount, and again, add to that Joe Biden bragging that the Democrats had launched the most extensive and “Effective” voter fraud effort in American history, and the smoking guns are now smoldering cannons.

President Trump’s “A Team” of legal experts is growing, filing law suits regarding the Democrat voter fraud.

Dr. Corsi again outlines the legal remedies, per the Constitution, that WILL result in President Trump’s final declaration of victory.

If local challenges fail, the review will head toward the Supreme Court, which has as its primary responsibility, preserving election integrity. If the outcome is still in contention, the matter will be resolved in Congress….not per Nancy Pelosi’s unConstitutional premise, but by the law – each state one vote, the state legislature making the determination, with 29 states now Republican controlled with 2 states split, which means 30 red states to only 20 blue.

Only every legal vote will count, not the millions of illegal and fraudulent votes which which the Democrats have flooded the system. Regardless of what the mainstream media wants, the Constitution and settled law will prevail.

Again, FEAR NOT, Donald Trump always looks like he is going to lose just before he wins.

In the end God always wins.
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