The Pyramid Landmarks of A Previous Age; Re-Building the One World Order; As It Existed In the Time of Enoch and Noah

Conventional history would tell us that early human society, even that of the first known civilization, the Sumerians (circa 4500 BC), was relatively simple, fixated on superstition brought forth by elemental surroundings- thus giving rise to indigenous belief systems similar to those of today’s native peoples. We must not forget that conventional history is written  by those who hold power and who wish to grow and expand it for their own means.

Today I stumbled upon an article that really drew my attention. It stated that a pyramid twice as large as the Great Pyramid in Egypt was found in Alaska between Mt. McKinley and Nome and that this colossal pyramid was completely buried beneath the ground. According to the article, it was only discovered by seismologists who were listening after China conducted a below ground nuclear explosion in 1992. Through their instrumentation, seismologists from around the world were able to recreate the outline of a pyramid below the Earth’s surface in Alaska. You can read the article, which explains the details, by clicking here. (Source: Nowhere in the article is an estimated age of the pyramid structure mentioned, but the fact that it is buried leads me to consider the fact that it may have existed prior to an earth changing event, like the flood spoken of by Noah, or some type of pole shift.

Taken on its own, the reader may or may not relegate any level of importance to an hypothetical ancient buried pyramid in Alaska. I submit that there is great reason for the reader to at least become curious of the finding and also question why it has not been made more public. The source article above states that the finding of the pyramid was broadcast by NBC news channel 13 in Anchorage for one broadcast only and then never again. The interviewee (investigating the subject matter) then approached NBC news channel 13 for a copy of the broadcast tape and was told by the station’s general manager that no such broadcast had ever been made.

We know that the Sumerian civilization was burgeoning forth in what is now Southern Iraq around 4500 BC; and the remains of this civilization are largely tangible as they have been excavated in great detail by archeologists like Sir. Leonard Woolley and others during the early 20th century and afterwards.  The Great Pyramid at Giza was built around 2560 BC and clearly remains tangible and discoverable today. We also know that prior to the pyramids of Egypt, the Sumerian civilization was busy building “pyramids” of their own; known as ziggurats. The oldest such ziggurat built by the Sumerians was constructed at the very first Sumerian city; Eridu and has been dated to around 5570 BC (Source:… predating the formal establishment of the Sumerians as a recognized civilization… when all those in Sumer were living only at Eridu.

Graphical depiction of the earliest ziggurat found at Eridu (Source: goldenageproject)

In my own book, “The Fallen Ones”, I argue the case that the leadership of the post flood civilization of Sumer was trying to reconstruct the greater civilization that existed prior to the great deluge. Therefore, any ziggurats or monumental structures constructed in 5000 BC or afterwards were merely lesser recreations of those grander structures that existed prior to the deluge. Even the Sumerians infer such claims within their own writings (as can be seen within the Epic of Gilgamesh or story of Utu-Napishtim or even within the Bible when we are told of perhaps the first great leader of pre-flood Sumer- Nimrod, when he begins construction of the tower of Babel!)

It is my assertion that this desire to recreate the age before the flood originated in Sumer by the descendants of the sons of Noah that survived in Sumer and spread their culture and beliefs around the earth to locations like Egypt (who shares the same pantheon of Gods as the inhabitants of Sumer).

I further claim that the desire to return the world to the state it was in before the flood has never gone away. It is still very much alive today. One only needs to examine buildings and symbolism all around us that make it exceedingly clear that the powers in charge today will eventually attempt to return us to the prediluvian state.

The great seal of the United States found on the US Dollar containing the Latin text “Annuit Coeptus Novis Ordo Seclorum translates to “favors the things having been begun; a new order of the ages”. It was adopted in 1782 and designed by Charles Thompson (source: Though some make claims that the Latin text translates to “New World Order”, this is not the case. However, the design is undisguisedly of  masonic origin, and therefore routed in Egyptian, and by ancestral relation, Babylonian, and by relation- Sumerian cultural archetypes. I am specifically referring here to the rendering of the pyramid on the great seal capped by the all seeing eye. Though the connotation between the all seeing eye, the pyramid, and the text may be missed by the majority of those who see it, it was not missed by those who placed the great seal upon the one dollar bill in the first place; namely Franklin D. Roosevelt and his Vice President, Henry A Wallace (both Freemasons) in 1932. An interesting explanation of the symbolism found within the great seal can be found here (Source:

The great seal was imposed upon the dollar bill in 1932, and in 1935, Paul Foster Case released his explanation of what the symbolism means within a publication of the J.F. Rowny Press (1935)

Time Periods

The Great Seal of the United States:
Its History, Symbolism, and Message for the New Age

by Paul Foster Case. (J. F. Rowny Press, 1935)

“Since the date, 1776, is placed on the bottom course of the pyramid, and since the number 13 has been so important in the history of the United States and in the symbols of the seal, it is not unreasonable to suppose that the thirteen courses of the pyramid may represent thirteen time-periods of thirteen years each.” – Paul Foster Case

  1. 1776 to 1789
    The first course would include the Revolution (1776 -1783); the establishment of the first daily newspaper, the “Advertiser,” issued in Philadelphia in 1784; and the adoption of the Constitution in Convention (1787).
  2. 1789 to 1802
    The second course begins with 1789. This year marked the first Presidential election, and the establishment of the United States Supreme Court. During this cycle the first steamboat plied the Delaware River (1790), the United States Mint was established (1792), and Whitney invented the cotton-gin (1793).
  3. 1802 to 1815
    During the third cycle of thirteen years came the Louisiana Purchase (1803), and the second war with Great Britain (1812 -1814).
  4. 1815 to 1828
    The fourth course covers the period from 1815 to 1827 inclusive. The most important governmental action of this period was the declaration of the Monroe Doctrine in 1823.
  5. 1828 to 1841
    The fifth course begins with 1828. In that year the first passenger railroad began running trains on July 4. The reaping machine, destined to make possible the granaries of the West, was invented in 1834. In 1835 Morse invented the telegraph, and thus began the modern Age of Electricity.
  6. 1841 to 1854
    During the time-period represented by the sixth course (1841 to 1853, inclusive) Texas was annexed (1845). In 1846 came the war with Mexico, resulting in the acquisition of the Territories of New Mexico, Arizona and California, completing the extension of the land surface of the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Gold was discovered in California in 1848, and this helped to open the West.
  7. 1854 to 1867
    The seventh course begins with 1854, the year Commodore Perry opened Japan to commerce. During this thirteen years the Atlantic Cable was laid (1857 -1858), the Civil War was fought (1861 -1865), and slavery was abolished (1863). In this period came the rise of the Republican Party, and the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln.
  8. 1867 to 1880
    The eighth cycle begins in 1867. It included the tragedy of Reconstruction, and the development of big business. In 1869 the Pacific Railroad was completed, the air-brake was invented, and in September of that year came Wall Street’s dreadful Black Friday. The first of the great expositions was held in Philadelphia in 1876. It definitely stressed the material, rather than the spiritual, progress of the nation. In this era the farm lands of the West were opened, and toward its close the farmers began to make themselves heard, and labor began to improve its conditions.
  9. 1880 to 1893
    During the ninth cycle, capital, by means of its control of the machine, and its alliance with corrupt politics, fastened its grip on the economic condition of the nation. Evil seed was sown during this period which still bears its poisonous fruit.
  10. 1893 to 1906
    The tenth cycle, beginning in 1893, was signalized by the opening of the World’s Fair at Chicago; but this same year brought the worst panic the country had, until then, experienced. Labor trouble multiplied. The war with Spain began in 1898, during McKinley’s Presidency. The election of McKinley was a victory for the East, for the predominance of the city over the country, and for the rule of industrialism. It was followed by a period of imperialism under McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.
  11. 1906 to 1919
    The eleventh cycle was one of disaster. It opened with the San Francisco earthquake and fire. Then came the panic of 1907. A few years of deceptive peace followed. Then came the World War, which brought the eleventh cycle to a close.
  12. 1919 to 1932
    The twelfth cycle began in 1919. During it we reaped the fruit of the evil seed sown in the eight, ninth, and tenth cycles. Troubles multiplied as never before. Organized crime aped the methods of big business, and the triumph of the city over the country brought as one of its consequences the development of great rings of gangsters. A dream of imaginary prosperity ended suddenly with the panic of 1929, and the remaining years of the twelfth cycle saw a progressive depression which continues until now.
  13. 1932 to 1945
    In 1932 began the thirteenth cycle, corresponding to the uppermost course of the unfinished pyramid. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to the Presidency. The various experiments now going on under the designation of the New Deal were begun. What their outcome will be, it is impossible at this writing to say. But whatever is before us in this cycle, which comes to its end in 1944, all intelligent persons are agreed (whether they are for the New Deal of Roosevelt or against it) that the Old Order, as represented by the political and economic opinions and practices of the eight, ninth, and tenth cycles, must never be dominant in America again.

The above excerpt was taken from:

Paul Foster Case explains in his writing about the 13th cycle that the outcome is unknown. I assert the outcome, or intended outcome, is to return us to the state of affairs present before the flood.

What is that state of affairs you may ask? It is one of complete control by the state and complete subservience of the people to the state and its leadership. It would mirror the time when the Nephilim ruled over the people of Sumer prior to the flood and be similar in nature to that which existed in Babylon (should we seek to use an example existing after the flood). Let us not forget that even the great Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562 BC) restored the great Ziggurat of Babylon (which even in his time was very old).



(Source material for both images above and dates of reign of Nebuchadnezzar II

The ziggurat (temple of Bel-Marduk) at Babylon has been associated with the Tower of Babel, though they are not the same. However, the Temple of Marduk, in my opinion, was modeled after the tower of Babel; once again a post flood attempt to recreate the bye gone glories of the pre-flood era.

In closing, if recent world events aren’t enough to convince the reader that the world is moving toward a state of centralized control (as it once was), I submit two images of the tower of Babel. One is a conception of what the ancient tower would have looked like; and the other is a modern building modeled after it.

The Tower of Babel by Peter Bruegel The Elder (1563) (Source: Wikipedia)

The European Parliament Building in Brussels, Belgium.

Now back to my original intent to inform the reader about this alleged buried pyramid in Alaska. Why is it important? It is important because the world leadership today intends to return us to a state of complete servitude to the state, as existed prior to Noah’s flood. Many people may have issues believing that such a state existed before the flood- especially since so little about that era is actually known. However, if the leadership of the age after the flood has been drawing on the same symbolism that existed in the age before the flood as a testament to their own glory and power, then finding a structure of that same symbolism that concretely existed before the flood would go a long way towards providing physical proof that such an age truly did exist before the flood- and the leadership in power today knows this and admires that age. The buried pyramid in Alaska very well could be that proof.

I leave the reader with one more image to advance my claim. Below is the newly constructed “Pyramid of Peace” in Astana, Kazakhstan. The intent of this building is to unite the world’s religions and the building was designed by the British architect, Lord Norman Foster, who I believe to be a Freemason.


(Source : The Vigilant Citizen)

You can read more about the masonic symbolism present in Astana in my post about it here.

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